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Food and Beverage Concept Development

We help you develop concepts and formulas that more than justify the investment and needs.

september 29, 2020

With Food and Beverage Concept Development you simply want a good concept which ticks all the boxes. Your customers are satisfied, your staff is enthusiastic about the business, your location meets all your expectations and your investment is paying dividends. We are keen to work with you and your team to achieve the absolute best result. Conceptional succeeds in getting the most out of your square meters, investment and employees. The out outcome of food and beverage concept development is a healthy long-term return. We help you develop concepts and formulas that more than justify the investment and needs.


Food and beverage concept development 

-From analysis to implementation

-Years of (inter)national experience

-Knowledge of (inter)national trends & developments

-Team captain with access to the best specialists

-The right mixture of creativity and commerce

-Committed partner


Curious about our projects?

Let’s give you some examples to get inspired!


NORDSEE operates over 370 restaurants (franchise partners and company owned stores) in Europe, mostly located in populated areas such as city centers, airports and train stations. NORDSEE’s knowledge about fish has been passed on from generation to generation. Together with the NORDSEE team Conceptional did food and beverage concept development and developed Go!Fish, the rebellious younger sister of NORDSEE. With a focus on adventurous young generations, this fish concept promises to sell Funky Fast Fish to the rebelling youth (and to the rest of us luckily). With a menu that has been divided into more healthy Holy items and more indulgent Rebel items, Go!Fish opens up the possibility for all types of Millennials and Gen-Z’ers to come and enjoy the concept. Go!Fish plays into that feeling of adventure and freedom that is characteristic for coastal life. With its humorous tone-of-voice and its accessible and adventurous appearance, Go!Fish connects with younger generations, which is strengthened by its nostalgic though modern interior. You can find the first Go!Fish at Wijnegem City Center at about half an hour of driving from Antwerp.



Another implemented Food and beverage concept development project is restaurant Fabula at theme park the Efteling.

A true metamorphosis has taken place on the Pardoes Promenade at de Efteling, as the Pandadroom has transformed into Fabula. Fabula is the new 4D adventure of de Efteling, a movie during which a combination 4D effects like water, smell and wind surprise and excite visitors. The exit of the new attraction leads directly into the revamped playing area and the new Fabula restaurant. Conceptional worked closely together with the Efteling team to design this new restaurant. Within Restaurant Fabula, you will find the ‘Wereldkeuken’ (world kitchen) and the ‘Savannebar’ (Savannah Bar). Within the ‘Wereldkeuken’, visitors will be able to enjoy fresh and sustainable meat, fish and vegan. The menu comprises of a variety of themes and guests can customize their dishes to their taste with the newly developed ‘worldly spice mixes’. Within the ‘Savannebar’, on the other hand, guests will be able to find a combination of coffees and merchandise. Offering breakfast items and a variety of Fabula coffee specials, the ‘Savannebar’ is the place to sit and relax while the children play in the playing area.


Our way of working

Now you have seen some examples of food and beverage concept development project, let’s explain our way of working. For food and beverage concept development, Conceptional works with a proven model. This starts with a detailed (area) analysis. We map out the potential of a location. We visualize the feasibility in the Conceptional Score Card. Relevant trends and developments are taken into account. After the analysis follows the briefing phase, the implementation and the audit. Our kitchen functionality specialist starts to draw in the required equipment and our designers work out the concept in detail. The signage and communication will be developed and placed at the proper locations. The core of the implementation phase is the guiding of the actual construction and facilities. We believe that operations are key to a successful concept and we therefore guide you in starting up your concept to get the show running.

Food and beverage concept development - USP's

What do we offer?

We believe food deserves the best attention and care. We believe you and your guests deserve the best attention and care. That’s why we want to do food and beverage concept development and make concepts that work commercial and creative. That’s exactly what you can expect from us. We always search for perfection in balancing these two ingredients. With our hands-on approach, we make ideas come to life from analysis to implementation. We become your partner and give you and your guests the best attention and care. Food and beverage concept development consist of different elements as explained earlier, in this link there is an overview of different packages we offer within food and beverage concept development. Based on your specific needs and requirements we can offer you a made -to-measure package. Do not hesitate to contact us for questions or an appointment!


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