Senior Concept Developer

Stefano Zese

Curious, Critical, Commercial, energetic, Creative, Happy

About Stefano,

Stefano is a senior concept developer at Conceptional and an irreducible creative at heart. Partly due to his proud Italian roots, he grew up with a deep passion for cooking and dining out, which inevitably brought him to the ever-changing world of Food & Beverage and Hospitality. 

From his role in consultancy in the Middle East, to being responsible for Northern European brand portfolio at HMSHost International, Stefano has versed in the role of concept developer for seven years, and was involved in different segment of the hospitality industry (from high volume travel locations all the way to high-street boutique experiences). Wether is about managing a wide restaurant portfolio, or creating niche dining experiences, Stefano believes in curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking as the base for success, striving to discover and create new concepts that will leave a mark in the food & beverage scene.

Stefano strength lies in concept development, branding and story telling, combined with an hospitality “know-how”.