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About The Sustainable Food Route

As a foodservice brand or an organisation, more and more transparency and a positive contribution to the environment are expected. By both internal and external stakeholders. The question is no longer whether you take this into account in your business operations, but how. It’s no longer about what it costs when you go out, but more about what it costs you when you don’t and even better what it delivers. The environment is changing rapidly, both consumers and competitors. However, sustainability can be so complex that we can no longer see the wood for the trees. It is too quickly seen as a large and comprehensive project. Our message is, just go out there and take simple pragmatic steps, instead of hitting big thresholds. Know where you stand, set realistic goals, know what your stakeholders expect from you and perhaps most importantly, be vocal and transparent. 

We help food service brands and organizations to become sustainable in a holistic, realistic and above all pragmatic way and to start on this important journey. A tailor-made Sustainable Food Route, with pragmatic and concrete short and long term goals, translated to the impact on proposition, systems, processes and organisation. The Sustainable Food Route is a joint initiative of Conceptional & We Design Food. 

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The Sustainable Food Route is a combined initiative of Conceptional & We Design Food


Firstly, we make it measurable and do a first baseline measurement. Furthermore, we provide insight into the attitudes, expectations and expected behaviour of all stakeholders, including matters such as pricing strategy. We do this for the end user, employee, client and other stakeholders. Next, we provide insight into how the (relevant) market is developing with regard to the theme of sustainability (players, government, competitors). Furthermore, we indicate which regulatory pressures are or will be applicable and we write policy on this. We translate this policy into SMART objectives in the field of recipe / menu and production / kitchen process. Afterward, we translate this into impact on the organization, systems (data capture, dashboards, reporting), processes and recipes. We support the right communication strategy both internally and externally. We ensure transparency, the right tone of voice and touch points (e.g. design, materials, short-copy)

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