Sustainable Food Route Packages

On this page you will find all the packages related to the Sustainable Food Route

Package 1: Awareness

We create acceptance by raising awareness, we show what is going on and discuss where you want to be

Standard Package Contents:

  • Inspiration session
  • Up-to-date developments

Package 2: Quick Scan

We make a scan of the current situation of the concept and create insight

Standard Package Contents:

  • SFR Scorcard a.o:
  • Trend card
  • Vision / ambition / target group needs
  • Recipes
  • Production process
  • Support process
  • Site visit
  • Software and connection in systems
  • Knowledge & training
  • Internal and external communication

Package 3: Full Measurement SKU’s

We perform a full measurement of all SKUs of the concept to provide insight into the sustainability score

Standard Package Contents:

  • SKU List base measurement per concept based on Nutriscore and sustainability score

Package 4: Vision & strategy

We draw up a sustainability vision and strategy, based on the results of the first three packages, which fits the target group, the brand

Standard Package Contents:

  • Vision / ambition P,Q,€
  • Strategy (pillars)
  • Screening of current SKUs for new KPIs
  • Priority compass, short term, long term
  • Sustainability Food Roadmap

Package 5: Implementation

The Sustainable Food Route is anchored in the F&B concept

Standard Package Contents:

  • Recipes
  • Sourcing
  • Packaging
  • Pricing (Business Case)
  • Waste
  • Residual
  • Organization and Systems
  • Communication

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