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22/03/2021 NEWS

French QSR Chain O’Tacos is growing exponentially. The company went from 10 to 300 locations within the span of 5 years, mainly in France and Belgium. The core of the concept is the French taco (not to be confused with the Mexican variety), and the brand focuses on a multi-cultural target audience with its primary demographic being 15 to 25 year olds. One of their hidden USP’s is that the brand is 100% halal, something that is only mentioned implicitly within their communication. Guests can create their own taco by choosing from one of 6 meat options and a vegetarian option. Amazing fries and the iconic Sauce Fromagère make for a deliciously complete O’Tacos offering.


 By sticking to their values and by continuously searching and finding the connection with their specific target audience they have managed to create a rock-solid businessmodel with a unique product, all of which fits their guests preference and has the right tone of voice. All of that is supported by a strong business case, which includes relatively low CAPEX, substantial revenues and very healthy margins. De formula became a success within no time. 


It all started in Grenoble, when 3 entrepreneurs decided to develop a Quick Service Restaurant focused on taco’s. Once the decision to use franchising as the primary channel for growth was made, growth exploded. They quickly conquered the Belgian and French markets with a location count that now includes a little over 300 stores, 50 of which have been opened in Belgium within only 2 years. The success of the formula can among other things be linked to their intensive and innovative social media campaigns. These campaigns led to a very large digital footprint because they managed to stay very close to their identity and their target audience. O’Tacos is currently outdoing both QSR giants McDonalds and Burger King in followers and reactions. Some of the many campaigns that increased their following involved inviting famous rappers to their restaurants or activating their audience with a “GigaTaco” challenge.


Integration of digital tools such as Order Kiosks, Click & Collect an a digital Loyalty Program ensure short waiting times, higher productivity and a high rate of returning guests. As well as innovating digitally, O’Tacos is also continually innovating on a product level, the most recent of which is the “O’Belge” with an iconic Dallas sauce. Operationally the brand hasn’t been standing still, continually tweaking and optimising the operations to achieve higher productivities.


2020 was difficult for everyone in the F&B but thanks to the short waiting times and easy edibility (no plate needed) of the tacos, the O’Tacos concept proved ideal for take away. This meant that the negative impact stayed relatively small for O’Tacos, being comparable with other large QSR brands. The corona crisis has resulted in O’Tacos putting a much larger emphasis on home delivery, launching actions in cooperation with their delivery partners. The corona crisis has only proven the strength and versatility of O’Tacos and the company has thus set its focus on furthering the rollout of the brand. After their successes on the French and Belgian markets, O’Tacos is now aiming for the Dutch and German markets. They’ve already opened their first store in Utrecht with multiple stores in the pipeline, the first of which will be in Maastricht. O’Tacos is currently looking for experienced local entrepreneurs that want to be a part of the O’Tacos succes story. For more information on franchising with O’Tacos, please contact


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