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22/12/2017 Blog by Conceptional

Opening Fresh & Sustainable locations

On the 13th of December 2017 self-service restaurant Octopus reopened with the Fresh & Sustainable concept! The Octopus is the last of seven Fresh & Sustainable locations which we developed in cooperation with theme park the Efteling. The concept responds to the growing demand for fresh and sustainable food & drinks in the theme park, fitting within the world of wonders. 


The Efteling has asked Conceptional to develop a Fresh & Sustainable concept and offer which can be implemented at various existing restaurants. This concept has been implemented in De Gulden Gaarde, De Gelaarsde Kat, Het Witte Paard, De Verse Oogst, Panorama Self Service and De Octopus. Each Realm is now represented with its own Fresh & Sustainable location!




The concept

Every day the Efteling is provided with delicious Fresh & Sustainable food & drinks. Throughout the year the gnomes are working the land to provide the visitors of the Efteling with delightful meal! 

Glossy ripe apples and shiny brown breads, grown and harvested by the diligent gnomes of the Efteling! All these beautiful products are picked up by the train and delivered to all the Fresh & Sustainable restaurants!

The Fresh & Sustainable products are divided in three product categories:  “Full of fruit”, “Full of vegetables” and “Fresh bread”.  The products are delivered by the gnomes and processed with pride into delicious freshly made sandwiches, homemade salads and freshly squeezed juices. The attractive presentation, inspired by the presentation of products at the fresh market, seduce the visitors of the Efteling and are real eye-catchers. 

Key elements of the concept are: Storytelling, fresh experience and transparency. Freshly prepared using sustainable ingredients.

Every night, the gnomes work with love and passion, cultivating nutritious ingredients to provide you with fresh and delicious products. You can recognize the products ‘full of vegetables, ‘full of fruit’ and ‘fresh bread’ by the gnome logo.

Project information



T +31 (0)70 20 55 688

Client | Efteling

Location | Europalaan 1, 5171 KW Kaatsheuvel 

Opening date | 13th of December 2017

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