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13/06/2017 Blog by Conceptional

New York: The City that never sleeps

After two year Conceptional, once again, paid a visit to “The City that Never Sleeps”: New York City. One can say that New York’s food industry has not been idle over the past two years. We came across numerous astonishing Food & Beverage concepts, and we are glad to share our top three favorites with you.

Urbanspace Vanderbilt – The age Food Market

Urbanspace makes food markets. They cultivate environments rich in creativity – places where local makers collaborate, exchange ideas, and expose their wares the bigger crowd. By transforming remarkable city spaces where local craftsman and entrepreneurs are provided with platforms on which artisans can grow, Urbanspace aims to foster community.

With its exciting schedule of food markets, Urbanspace stuffs each year with continuously surprising line ups of chefs, artisans and makers. These markets can be found in the most vibrant passageways of New York City, where unexpected public venues face a their dynamic array of food and design.

A dynamic, divers, national and international food & beverage offer with an eclectic design – Urbanspace

Number of locations: 9 markets

 Tacombi – True Mexican Food & Beverage

Tacombi started in 2005 serving tacos out of a VW bus. Until today, the company’s focus lies on sharing its love of Mexican taco culture through neighborhood taquerias. Tacombi’s food philosophy is a reflection of a rich cultural heritage aiming share and preserve Mexico’s culinary traditions and the use of local, organic ingredients. All products are daily and freshly prepared. Tacoma combines the diversity of tastes from home together with Mexican dishes from various culinary regions and serve these as the filling for their tacos. Every location features authentic taste as one will find in Mexico today.

Home-made, authentic, Mexican dishes – Tacombi

Number of locations: 4 locations

Hu Kitchen – The food revolution

Hu kitchen represents unambiguous, delicious, unprocessed food and drinks. Guess what; it is even healthy! Hu Kitchen strives to shake up the Western food culture, and the big corporations that for years have been benefitting of this. Doing so, they are the first high quality restaurant being totally dedicated to reach/achieve this goal. Hu Kitchen truly represents the hideaway for everything that is good for “human”. It’s not just a place to eat, but a destination. A reliable partner in the common goal of reclaiming the meaning of delicious food and a delicious life.

“Get back to human” – Hu Kitchen

Number of locations: 2 locations

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