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19/06/2018 Blog by Conceptional

F&B Performance & Growth

Conceptional is growing! 

The circle is complete with our latest service: “F&B Performance & Growth”

For many years, Conceptional develops, optimizes and guides F&B concepts and areas from analysis up to implementation. Both made up of the two main ingredients: the head and the heart. Concept development forms an important base for the start of a new concept. However, even after the implementation of a new concept, there are many challenges in which we are happy to support our clients. We are proud to present to you our latest service: “F&B Performance & Growth”!

F&B Performance & Growth

You wonder, what does this new service mean? With F&B Performance & Growth we analyse the overall performance of the company and we identify the unused earning potential and areas of improvement. By optimising profitability and strengthening the conceptual and operational base, we lay your pathway for growth and accompany and guide you on that journey. 


This service focuses on two important areas which needs to be in balance. With F&B Performance, the foundation is laid for maximising the current performance and the earning potential of the current portfolio; The Plan to Win. The next step is F&B Growth, where we look at the conditions for growth and how to achieve it; The Plan to Grow.

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The impact

We deliver a plan that is embraced by your entire organisation. In order to grow, a strong foundation of trust is needed in the feasibility of the plan. With the Plan to Win, we build a bridge between the current (financial and operational) performance and the potential (stretched) performance in the short and medium term. The Plan to Grow is a tangible plan based on the optimal growth track for the concept and the organisation. Derived from diligent research of various growth scenarios and target markets, there is an overall plan describing the tangible steps per function and the financial impact of this. We mobilise the pre-existing knowledge, passion and energy. When necessary, we also engage in discussions with partners, suppliers and other stakeholders of the organisation.

Our aim: we implement the plans that have been drawn up, and take care to see that they are carried out correctly.

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