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10/01/2020 News

Restaurants have been serving crêpes for many decades now, not only in France, but around the globe. They are wholesome, delicious and easy meals that always feel like a treat. But why are crêperie concepts so interesting business-wise?


Firstly, because the target audience is very wide. Crêpes could be seen as envelopes where any kind of toppings can be added, which makes it a very versatile and adaptive product to every customer. Besides that, crêpes are relevant throughout the whole day, from breakfast till dinner, either on the go or while seated inside. Furthermore, the economics of crêpes are very comparable to those of pizzas, and can become very interesting financially.


In 2004, Daniel Spinath decided to give crêpes the stage they deserved by creating an edgy urban crêperie concept: Crêpe Affaire. It is the very first international branded concept that focuses on crêpes as their core offering, supported by juices, shakes and great coffees. He developed a strong business model that presents various operational advantages including flexible formats and simple supply chain which makes it a highly scalable concept.


Moving away from the traditional imagery of a crêperie, Crêpe Affaire is offering a real alternative to sandwiches and salads options while staying relevant throughout the day. The product also offers a great opportunity to step into the breakfast quick-service market that is currently growing worldwide. The chain already has 16 branches in the UK and five stores overseas, and is currently working on their expansion plans for the coming years with several shops in the pipeline as well as ambitions for openings in North America.  


The company has been developing its business in the Netherlands since 2016 and is now seeking for new franchise opportunities to speed up its expansion. They want to open up 20 locations in the Netherlands, starting in Amsterdam en Utrecht and are looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to partner up either on a franchise or joint venture basis. As part of the services of Conceptional, we support brands with their performance and growth national and international. If you would like to know more about our services or if you are interested in starting your own Crêpe Affaire franchise, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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