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16/11/2017 Blog by Conceptional

#cleaneating be gone, we're loving carbs again.

Conceptional has recently been in bustling London. A great opportunity to discover outstanding and smart Food & Beverage concepts. And where better than in London? It is close by and there are many Food & Beverage concepts based on few square meters. 

For years, many Food & Beverage concepts have responded to trends like healthy eating and the offer of convenience products. London was at the forefront, but every trend always has an counter trend. Thus, we noticed a number of (extreme) indulge Food & Beverage concepts popping up.


“#clean eating be gone, we’re loving carbs again.”

Lisa Markwell, Sunday The Independent, restaurant critic and chef


Inspired by this quote, we would like to tell you about our three favorite Food & Beverage concepts:

Milk Train, MOD Pizza and Shake Shack.


As concept developers, we always make sure we use our head and heart when developing a Food & Beverage concept. At Conceptional we call this the ‘understand’ and ‘surprise’ factor.


Milk Train – The most ‘Instagrammable’ dessert

Every day there is a queue in front of this ice-cream attraction, while the product is just soft ice cream. Soft ice cream? Yes, but these are not the soft ice creams like we know them. Milk Train’s graceful soft ice cream is served with special toppings of your choice and presented as a gift in a sugary cloud of candy floss. Milk Train is located around the corner of Convent Garden, in a little shop of just 16 m2. This is one of the most striking Food & Beverage concepts working from one of the most smallest shop spaces.


‘Ice cream makes you happy’

Understand factor:  Conceptional C review cijfer

This Food & Beverage concept is all about the product, a sensational ice cream. The product itself is basic, it is the combination with unique toppings and presentation that makes it special! Milk Train is a real destination location where it is all about the fun factor. The assembly of the product is carried out for the customer by a well trained team of employees. Every employee has his own function behind the bar, from candy floss acrobat to topping specialist, they sure make it an entertaining show to look at and it is also very efficient.


Surprise factor:

All attention is mainly focused on the design and the appearance of the product. Milk Train is very popular on Instagram. The first thing people do after buying the ice cream is taking a picture of it and placing it on social media. Some say it looks like a unicorn, we can say this ice-cream is very ‘Instagrammable’!


MOD Pizza – an original tailor made pizza concept

At MOD Pizza you are the boss of your pizza. MOD stands for Made On Demand, each pizza is personalized to your needs, in a very accessible way. This Food & Beverage concept originates from the United States and stands for quality, speed and customization. MOD Pizza has around 200 locations in the United States, but 5 of their locations are situated in the United Kingdom. 


‘MOD super fast pizza’

Understand factor:

The Food & Beverage concept is well put together. An enthusiastic employee will accompany you through the ordering and assembly of your custom made pizza, meanwhile telling you everything about their wide range of fresh ingredients. Once you have chosen your favorite ingredients, the employee makes your custom made pizza and places it in the oven. This takes about 3 to 4 minutes. This cozy sit-down Food & Beverage concept is efficient and you get value-for-money.


Surprise factor:

MOD Pizza has put emotion into the design and offers personal service.

Their strength lies in the combination of their personal service combined with the speed of service of a fast food chain. Where most fast food chains are less atmospheric, MOD pizza radiates warmth by using the correct color palettes, texts and touchpoints.

A nice surprise element is that you can write a personal message on a sticker and stick it on the walls. The idea is to leave a piece of your personality at MOD Pizza.


Shake Shack – High quality fastfood

Shake Shack is an American fast-casual chain from New York. It started out as a hot dog stand at Madison Square Park in Manhattan in the year of 2001. With 136 locations worldwide, of which 8 locations are situated in the United Kingdom, it is one of the fastest growing catering chains. What makes Shake Shack extraordinary is the use of high quality ingredients and inspiration from the dining concepts, combined with the ease and value of a fast casual concept.


‘Stand for something good’

Understand factor:

Shake Shack sells 100% all-natural Angus beef burgers with a variety of fresh ingredients. Shake Shack is often located near leisure and business districts. This Food & Beverage concept targets everyone: young, old, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, there are many great gourmet burger bars in the world, but Shake Shack differentiates itself with their hospitality and is community driven. In other words, Shake Shack understands their target group.


Surprise factor:Conceptional C review cijfer

The design is fresh, with the colors green and black which are used throughout the entire concept. It is recognizable and clever to use these colors in a Food & Beverage concept that sells fast food. Green is often associated with health, which makes people feel less guilty when they are eating a tasty fat burger.

Besides the taste of the burger, part of the success of Shake Shack is due to its refined sense of design, expressed in an iconic brand identity and graphic environmental factors.

Shake Shack is an active user when it comes to social media. By using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Shake Shack can communicate with her fans and increase her brand awareness.



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