Hybrid Models

Restaurants of the future

As Einstein once said, “if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” In this new era for restaurants with ever-growing complexity in operations, investments, and revenue models, in other words: hybrid models. We realised that we needed increasingly difficult words and phrases to explain what was going on. So, going back to Mr. Einstein, we figured out that we needed to challenge ourselves to bring all those principles back to ordinary human language. So here we are: we managed to reduce all the complexity to a single Conceptional model.

We are ready to create a future-oriented concept. We work from our new Hybrid model where the following factors are central; Whose brand are you using (your own or someone else’s) and how many brands are you working with?, Which channels do you use to sell your product?, What physical and digital assets do you need to sell your product in these channels?, Who is investing in these assets (you or someone else)? and Who does the operation of these assets (you or someone else)? The answer to each of these questions has a huge impact on your business model, revenue, margins, and what you do every day.

Of course, we’ll help you with that too!

Conceptional Hybride is ready for the restaurants of the future

Hybrid Models

Hybrid models are hugely diverse, and to illustrate this diversity, here are some examples; your own brand with a focus on dine-in where you do the investments and the operation yourself is a traditional restaurant, Your own brand that only delivers where someone else does the investments and operation is a Virtual Brand or Someone else’s brand, delivery only, own investment in assets, and own operation is a Kitchen as a Service. The main conclusion is that no part of the restaurant business is inherently tied to all the other parts anymore. Strategically choosing what to do yourself and what to leave to others is the new way of doing business, allowing all parties involved to focus on their own strengths. Think of it as a new level of specialisation in the hospitality industry.

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