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12/11/2018 Blog by Conceptional

From a space to a place

Whether it’s about shopping malls, airports or amusement parks, the owner always strives for a distinctive character, an increase in the capture rate, the dwell time and the average spending. All these markets are increasingly investing in appealing Food & Beverage concepts. But why? They all recognize the attraction of Food & Beverage, which adds to the overall experience of the location or area. More and more shopping malls and shopping centers are investing in a good combination of shopping, Food & Beverage and entertainment to keep guests interested and to extend their dwell time. There is still a long way to go against the continuing popularity of online shopping. In this blog we therefore answer the question “What makes a space a place?”

What makes a space a place?

At Conceptional we often get the question: “What makes a space a place?” The basis of this lies in creating an environment based on the wants and needs of the target group. The principle “function leads form” plays a major role here. When filling in the Food & Beverage offer, attention is also paid to the connection with the overall goal, the target group and the activities of the area, such as matching retail and leisure activities.

The guest takes centre stage

The key to a successful Food & Beverage offer is to understand the visitor and to tailor the offer to the needs of the guests. This forms the basis of Food & Beverage Placemaking. International and national trends can strongly influence these needs. For example, trends such as experience, convenience and the importance of atmosphere currently play an important role in different markets.

The right mix of F&B

A distinctive vision for your area is important. Who will visit this area? And how can you offer them the optimal customer experience? The vision for the area, together with the target group, forms the basis for the right mix of Food & Beverage.

When selecting the right and balanced mix of Food & Beverage concepts and brands within an area, we look at a balance in product groups, moments of the day, inspiring and well-known concepts and different wishes for service (full-service, counter service, to go). The right mix ensures successful operators. For example, it is necessary to have an offer that extends over several eating moments. For certain restaurants, dinner is an important moment, it is therefore important that the activities in the area also support the evening opening, so that it generates more traffic.

Function leads form

When filling in a Food & Beverage area, careful consideration must be given to the role and position that the Food & Beverage occupies in the area. This involves a lot of functional issues, including infrastructure, storage and technology. When we look at the combination of retail, leisure and hospitality and the synergy that can be created between these, the area will have multiple functions. It is important to take these functions and activities into account in the layout and design of the area. By following the principle “function leads form” an area is created where the target group feels comfortable and which at the same time is fully functional for all stakeholders; the landlord, the operator and the guest.

What can Conceptional do for you?

We set up strategies and visions for shopping malls, amusement parks, airports, education, trade fairs and congresses in collaboration with various owners, real estate parties and property developers. A fixed component here is space planning (needed square meters of Food & Beverage concepts) and the selection of suitable F&B brands and concepts.

Our interest always goes to understanding the needs of the target group, the customer and the operator and create synergy for a successful Food & Beverage environment. We always work according to our Conceptional F&B Placemaking model, in which the above points are included. In addition, creating an inviting design for the area is also part of our developing proces.


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