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27/01/2016 Blog by Conceptional

Food & Beverage trends for 2016 – part 1

A new year has arrived. A year filled with new trends and developments in the Food & Beverage industry. We would like to tell you about our favorite Food & Beverage trends for 2016. 


Even before mankind learned to read or write, stories have been told. These stories were important, because they passed on information from generation to generation. Every culture in history has depended on storytelling. Stories inform, amuse and stimulate the imagination. Restaurants use storytelling more and more, as they connect characters as well as stories to their concepts. This way, the restaurant intrigues its guests to get to know the story behind the product and the concept.

Visual content is by far the best medium to communicate, both face-to-face and on the internet. People process images 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, the chances are greater that a concept presented with visual content is better remembered than when it is presented verbally or in text. But only images can not trigger people to take action. The visual content needs to be associated with a story.


Therefore, it is good to combine visual content and storytelling. The storytelling can constitute of graphics or images but also video and animation. Another option is to combine different types of media and text to interactive storytelling, where people can browse through at their own pace. Also virtual reality and projection can be a form of storytelling in your restaurant which literally and figuratively give an extra dimension to the concept.

Mexican kitchen

Mexican street food has been a great success in USA and London for years. This success is mainly achieved by the accessibility of the product and the portion sizes. The Mexican kitchen serves large portions for an acceptable price. Besides this, the dishes make a great to-go meal.

The Mexican kitchen is a good answer to a world’s demand for speed, freshness and value for money. Even though the current perception is that the Mexican kitchen is greasy and unhealthy, but the opposite is true. Fresh ingredients, spices and different flavors are being combined to a colorful meal. In addition, the Mexican kitchen is one of the largest growing ethnic kitchens in the world.


Examples of Mexican fast good food concepts are; Wahaca, Chipotle, Chilango and Qdoba. In Amsterdam the tasty Mexican kitchen is increasingly visible. An example Amsterdam is Salsa Shop.

Foodservice is hot!

Over the past years, the foodservice branche has evolved very quickly with the emergence of new service formats, the challenge of meeting the ever changing needs of guests and the social role and the force of attraction Food & Beverage has when combined with other branches.

To branches like retail, real estate and leisure it is becoming increasingly clear that foodservice can play an important role in creating more force of attraction, social responsibility and of course in generating more revenue. This is often seen in the form of blurring, a pop-up concept or an event.

Tea pairing

We all know the principles of wine pairing as well as beer and cocktail pairing. But a relatively new trend in Food & Beverage pairing is tea pairing. The idea behing pairing tea with different food dishes is that the tea is supposed to enforce a dish’s flavors and vice versa. The trend is mostly seen in western countries, since drinking tea often has a religious or political meaning in eastern countries. The benefit of tea pairing compared to wine and beer pairing is that it can be done at any time of the day. Tea sommeliers can help you make the right pairing choices, depending on the time of the day and what food you eat.


There are, of course, more Food & Beverage trends for 2016. Next week, the rest of Conceptional’s team members will present their favorite trend for 2016. Stay tuned! 


During the development of a Food & Beverage concept, Conceptional keeps in mind the latest trends and developments in the foodservice industry. 


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