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15/03/2018 Blog by Conceptional

Food & Beverage as a distinguishing factor for a hotel

The hotel business has been dealing with a lot of competition on their core product for many years; hotel stays. A lot has been happening on the supply side of the hotel market. Due to improving economic conditions and the continuous growth of tourism, this sector has been subjected to a lot of changes. For example, the rise of accommodation providers like Airbnb, which is seen as a world leading “hotel chain”, without actually owning any hotel rooms at all.


Every company claims that they deliver the highest quality and the best service at the lowest possible price. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to offer a strong concept. Nowadays, the consumer is looking for a distinctiveness and exclusivity. In other words; a concept that fulfills their specific wants and needs.


Can Food & Beverage offer this distinguishing factor? In our opinion; YES! By adding a high-quality and custom Food & Beverage concept, a hotel can distinguish itself from their competition and appeal to a new market.


All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast – John Gunther

The most important meal of the day

Consumers are increasingly looking for convenience, also in hotels. In general, the Food & Beverage experience during your stay at an hotel is focussed on the breakfast offer. A breakfast that is often perceived as relatively high priced, not of a desired quality and traditional. As a result, guests prefer to have breakfast at for example Starbucks, Panera Bread or other Bakery Cafes. Aloft Hotels responded to this trend by introducing their new Re:Fuel Aloft Food & Beverage program, which responds to the guests’ needs for speed and quality. At their contemporary grab & go concept they offer thirteen different breakfast pots. From sweet to savory, there is something for everyone and it is very suitable for a quick breakfast on the go.



Most Aloft Hotels do not have a full-service restaurant. With the Re:fuel grab & go concept they can still provide their guests with a suitable breakfast, meal or snack. The grab & go offers different snacks and bites, 24/7, including salads, sandwiches and snacks. This allows guests to enjoy a Food & Beverage offer at any moment that they wish. With the breakfast pots they respond to the changing needs of hotel guests; good quality ingredients, customizable to their own taste and eating on-the-go.



The breakfast pots are a completely new way of experiencing breakfast in hotels. From the traditional buffet and served breakfast to an on-the-go variant. The thirteen different pots are developed in collaboration with a local chef and contain on-trend ingredients with a twist on the most popular breakfast items, such as freshly poached eggs, avocado and quinoa, as well as sweet varieties such as lemon ricotta pancakes.


Good and healthy food

The offer of healthy food and drink also plays an important role in the Food & Beverage range in hotels. Restaurant Alibi at the Ovolo Woolloomoolo hotel in Sydney capitalizes on this trend as the first Australian hotel restaurant with a 100% vegetable menu, developed in collaboration with plant-based chef Matthew Kenney. Also in their breakfast and roomservice offer focus on plant-based dishes.



Alibi is presented as the perfect hideout. A destination bar & kitchen that presents you with all the excuses to escape from your daily life, to indulge yourself with guilt-free food and drinks. Positioning a restaurant within a hotel as a destination also makes it more accessible to guests who are not staying at the hotel; the restaurant is positioned as a standalone concept. The restaurant is located on the ground floor, so it is clearly visible from the street side.



The restaurant responds to the health trend in combination with an indulge experience. Chef Matthew Kenney shows that you can also enjoy a tasty meal in a healthy way. Despite the limitation in product use, the dishes look spectacular and colorful. The food offer is complemented by a very extensive and special range of cocktails.


We from Conceptional have certainly not been sitting around. December last year, the redeveloped Café Americain in the Hampshire American Hotel in Amsterdam opened its door. Read more about Café Americain here.


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