F&B Placemaking services

Quick Scan

The Quick Scan is a review of the situation and available reports like market research to scope future F&B activities and developments. Conceptional reviews current plans for different subjects like; F&B area’s, Target audiences for each category, Guest experience concepts and Capacities, mix, seasonality, operational hours.

Feasibility study

Before making appropriate decision on investment and future developments , the outcome from a feasibility study is key. In this phase Conceptional touches the following topics : reflection current status of the F&B offer, catchment area F&B potential, needs of target audience,, possible potential incremental F&b sales & income, (im)possibilities of the assets. All these topics will finally generate the GAP analysis including a SWOT analyse and recommendation of the specific case.

F&B vision & strategy

We develop the F&B vision & strategy for your area. This serves as a guideline for all F&B zones for the upcoming years. Topics covered by the final F&B vision plan include: Ambition, F&B positioning, F&B concept anchors, Concept direction and F&B Placemaking principles.

F&B masterplanning & space planning

The space planning is an overview of the commercial value of indicative proposed F&B brands and/or concepts for each service category in terms of number of restaurants, needed square meters (indoor and outdoor) and indicative infrastructure per location. Conceptional creates a matrix with indicative locations and surfaces of proposed brands and/or concepts. This includes an indicative schematic floor plan for discussion. In addition, an indicative list of needed infrastructure will be delivered as well.

F&B concept-brand curator & leasing support

We develop an initial Food & Beverage concept and brand mix based on positioning (P), quality (Q) and commercial value (€). We make sure we blend the right mix of F&B brands and concepts matching the F&B vision and target groups. The matrix with locations and surfaces of proposed brands and/or concepts (preferred and 1 option) will be finalised based on final choices.

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