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What makes a space a place?

About F&B Placemaking.

As landlord or entrepreneur, you are constantly looking for ways to increase the capture rates and dwell times and, in doing so, maximize rental income. This asks for placemaking an that is where F&B comes in. The right mix of different F&B concepts, surrounding activities, design and activation makes people want to stay longer, come back and spend more.


Our way of working

We develop from analysis to implementation. After the analysis we develop a F&B Masterplan based on positioning (P), quality (Q) and commercial value (€). We look for the right mix of F&B brands and concepts, surrounding activities and design. To turn a space into a perfectly operating place, we support the leading architect in making his choices. To successfully implement the F&B Masterplan, we select the operators, we get them enthusiastic for letting the place and we support them in implementing their concept.

Conceptional F&B Placemaking Model

F&B increases the
dwell time


Services F&B Placemaking

Based on your specific needs and requirements, we can offer a made-to-measure package.

  • 1. Quick Scan

    Insight into current F&B situation
  • 2. F&B Vision

    Principles of F&B Vision and strategy
  • 3. F&B Masterplan

    Full operation of F&B Vision and strategy

“A company that is at the front-end of why!”

- Tony de Graaf, Multi

Curious what we can
do for you?