F&B Performance & Growth services

Quick Scan operational framework

The Quick Scan provides a detailed insight into your company and brand. We identify the current performance, procedural set-up and organisation and define opportunities for improvement. We then define which aspects of your organisation need to be boosted in order to achieve Operational Excellence and optimise Financial Performance.

Operational Coaching

The coaching sessions can be divided into three types; management coaching, where we take the management team through the adaptation of the right leadership style by using inspiring coaching sessions and practical support.  Employee coaching, where we focus on the emotional level of guest experience, namely authenticity. And finally, Operational training, taking the steps up to the level of conscious awareness and, where possible, unconscious awareness.

Food & beverage strategy

Conceptional believes that a strong Food & Beverage Strategy is instrumental to unlocking your full potential . Your philosophy, your DNA and the corresponding storytelling and brand vallues of your organisation are what makes you unique, and your Food & Beverage concept offer or portfolio should reflect these values in order to create optimum customer satisfaction, sustainable income and employee satisfaction.

Your clients expects to be surprised and to receive qualitative services and products for fair pricing. The experience of your location should therefore not stop at the doorstep of your Food & Beverage offerings. On the contrary, it should be emphasized and extended, adding new flavours and experiences while maintaining a continuous line of storytelling throughout your organization and stores as a whole.

By analysing and cross-referencing target groups, needed capacity, financials and operational excellence we strengthen your F&B organisation and experience from a quality point of view as well as from an additional income point of view.

Food & beverage concept portfolio

A strong concept-brand portfolio is needed in order to answer to many topics for optimizing and growing your company in the future. Unlocking your potentials in different channels, countries to satisfy the needs form your existing and potential; target audience as well as landlords demands a strong concept brand portfolio strategy.  Since Conceptional is well known in different fields of the food & beverage restaurant industry globally like Concept development, F&B Placemaking and F&B strategic operational maters  we have  been able to successfully created F&B Concept portfolios for several international multi restaurant groups.

Roll out & new country entry plan

When planning growth in a new country, we go beyond the regular growth planning. We will revisit all elements of the concept to make sure it will be market-fit. This means we will review and were necessary redefine the brand, brand promise, tone of voice, positioning, competitive landscape, menu and design. In addition we will validate the business case taking into account local regulations and laws, sourcing and distribution , pricing strategy, local cost structures. As we believe in sustainable growth, we will together with you define the long term business case, making sure that a new market entry is focused and successful  on the long game and not only on short term opportunities.

Performance Program

Based on the Quick Scan, we identify both Quick Wins and potential areas of improvement for your operational organisation and performance as a whole.  We dive deeper into the relevant elements for obtaining and maintaining Operational Excellence. Based on this analysis, we set up your clear and concise Plan to Win. The focus here is on 4 main points: Operational Organisation and Control, Operational Systems and Metrics (KPIs, dashboarding, tiered models, analyses), Operational Culture and Performance Improvement.

Growth Planning

We support our clients in developing a sustainable growth plan. Both in-market as well as entering into new territories. We define together a suitable format-strategy based on solid business cases and fully aligned with the brand strategy and strength. This allows for flexibility in (local) market potential, chosen channel and real-estate opportunities. Moving forward growth strategies are not only focused on fixed (traditional) locations but also taking into account the full hybrid-opportunities allowing for a true multi-channel approach.

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