F&B Performance & Growth roadmap

Here you will find the roadmap related to F&B performance & growth

Step 1 Quick Scan

Assess the current performance.

Content step 1:

  • Quick scan report describing baseline
  • Objectives
  • Improvement opportunities
  • Integrated action plan
  • Schedule

Step 2 Control

Reviewing organisational chart, KPIs and reporting, digital ecosystem, operational processes, management by objectives, business cycle, and corporate culture.

Content step 2:

  • Description of the management organisation
  • Implementation calendar
  • Coaching and counseling

Step 3 Training

Training of Management, staff and operational training.

Content step 3:

  • Building of desired corporate culture
  • Trained management and operational team
  • Operational excellence

Step 4 Improve

Implementing real improvements in financial and operational performance.

Content step 4:

  • Achieve the operational and financial objectives in a sustainable and structural way

Step 5 Perform

The organisation is now able to work independently and self-directed.

Content step 5:

  • Regular audits on operational and financial performance
  • Additional coaching

Add ons F&B P&G

Complete the roadmap.

+ A Trend tour

+ B Best practice & benchmark studies

+ C Plan to win Store level

+ D Corporate Governance

+ E Audits & Reviews

+ F Kitchen Innovation

+ G Concept design innovation


Operationele excellence programma & implementatie

Uitvoeren en ondersteunen toetreden van nieuwe landen

Standaardisatie van processen


Acquisitie strategie (M&A)

Site pipeline development

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