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F&B Performance & Growth

Whether you’ve got a start-up, a scale-up or an established brand, your concept and F&B operation both need to perform equally well. We also understand that many complex and dynamic variables – both strategic and operational – affect each day’s results. Because of this, we focus not only on financial performance but also on the performance of the operation itself, the people who work for it and the brand as a whole. And why? Because all of these aspects feed in to that one specific moment when the promise made by the concept is delivered to your guest. Of course, for Food Service concepts, visibility and accessibility are big parts of the brand story and strength. However, when growth is not based on strong financial performance, or if your concept, organisation, processes and brand are not yet scalable and robust, growth may be impaired. Even worse, the sustainable performance of your current organisation may be threatened. Aiming for growth may never be an excuse for not optimising your current performance.

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The journey towards sustainable profitibility & growth

Packages F&B Performance & Growth


Based on your specific needs and requirements, we can offer a made-to-measure package.

Our way of working

We start of with a Quick Scan to assess the current performance. Based on this quick scan we define the baseline, objectives and improvement opportunities which we then link into an action plan and planning. This action plan consists out of the following steps; Control (amongst others: organization chart, KPI’s and reporting, digital ecosystem and operational processes), Training (management, staff, and operational training) and Improve (actual improvement of the financial and operational performance).

Getting everyone involved in the development and implementation of these plans is very important to ensure that it will be supported by the entire organisation. Therefore we stimulate active engagement from the entire organisation. As part of your team, we will then implement the agreed plans and give you the assurance you require by perfoming regular audits of operational and financial performance plus provide additional coaching. With a broad range of both internal expertise based on years of experience within within the industry and external specialists from within our network, we’ll support you in whichever way is needed.

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