F&B Mergers & Acquisitions services

Quick Scan

To ensure that you will not face any unpleasant surprises, we will start with a Quick Scan analysis to gain insight into the potential objectives, (financial) feasibility and risks. Using the Quick Scan we look at reviewing the business cases and the initial SWOT & RISK analyses. We analyse the concept, business model and performance & growth capabilities.

F&B Vendor Due Diligence

We assist in the due diligence process. As part of the transaction team, we advise financial and legal advisors to identify company-specific information and risks. In addition, we conduct detailed due diligence on the status and sustainability of brand promise, concept, branding, menu, operations, people & resources, potential of the individual location and future growth potential in specific markets.

F&B Plan to Win

During “Plan To Win” we draw up a detailed strategy to achieve optimal (financial) performance. With which we provide a masterplan of future strategy & positioning. We also provide a current concept & portfolio.

F&B Concept (re)development

During the F&B concept (re)development we provide support in the design and redesign of the concept, we do this from initial ideation up to and including implementation and further roll out.

F&B Plan to grow

We ensure that the concept (re)development forms a solid basis for growth and future roll out during the F&B plan to grow. Furthermore, we provide site acquisition, development plans, new market entry and franchise recruitment.

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