Mergers & Acquisitions packages

Package 1: Quick scan

Concept review.

Standard package content:

  • Concept
  • Positioning
  • Business case
  • Performance
  • Operational opportunities

Package 2: F&B vendor due diligence

Maximising the basis of valuation and preparing for sale.

Standard package content:

  • Determine earning potential
  • Growth perspective
  • Identification of points for improvement
  • Action plan

Package 3: F&B Plan to win

Roadmap to optimising earning potential.

Standard package content:

  • Optimise financial performance
  • Strengthen current concept & portfolio
  • Defining concept strategy & positioning


Package 4: F&B (Re)development

Design & redesign concepts.

Standard package content:

  • Initial ideas
  • Implementation
  • Future openings

Package 5: F&B plan to Grow

Determine growth strategy and potential for growth.

Standard package content:

  • Determining Potential
  • Franchising
  • Location acquisition

Package 6: F&B Investment memorandum

Formulating an investment memorandum.

Standard package content:

  • Detailed description of target
  • Substantiated normalised and future EBITDA potential

Package 7: F&B Investor search and selection

Identifying and selecting the right investors.

Standard package content:

  • Contacting stakeholders
  • Conducting initial interviews
  • Support with negotiation

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