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29/05/2019 Blog by Conceptional


From a “big space to a perfect place” by a Foodhall.

We are all increasingly open to surprising dishes like rainbow bao’s, sushi burritos, vegan pulled “pork” burgers and wraps with all kinds of curries. More often we see local beers, wines and gin & tonics, combined in a contemporary, charming and relaxed scenery, where entertainment plays a more and more important role. For Foodies this sounds like a mecca, but where can you find all this under one roof?

Right… In a Foodhall! 


Conceptional will I’ve you the answers on the following questions; Why is a Foodhall actually such a success nowadays? What is the difference between a Foodhall, a Food Court and a Market hall? And which Foodhalls are an absolute must-visit when traveling in Europe?


The current desire for traveling and the curious attitude to discover new tastes and cultures, makes it possible for Foodhalls to increase. A Foodhall creates a place where different Food & Beverages, tastes, smells and colors from different cuisines gather and people want to be. And we are also delighted!


The difference between a Foodhall, Food Court and Market hall

There is a lot of confusion about the definitions of a Foodhall, Food Court and Market hall. The main differences between the three are the locations, target group needs, food retail versus food service and the atmosphere. Read more about this below.


Market halls’ are characterized by a high ratio of food retail relative food service, the authentic character and the central location. Market halls are roofed and they sell mainly fresh, delicious products and ingredients. The share of foodservice in Market Halls is small compared to the share of food retail, which can lead to a shorter dwell time of guests. A good example of this is the Markthal in Rotterdam.


At a ‘Food Court’ you will find a collection of different often fast food restaurants in one convenient location with a shared seating area. The purpose of a Food Court is to provide the guest with a fast service and different food providers with lower price points. At Food Courts the focus is mainly on food service, but food retail is not excluded. Focused on high traffic locations such as shopping centers, train stations and airports. Speed ​​and convenience in product and service are the most important. The Street Food Market concept that we co-developed with HMSost at Lounge 2, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a good example of a Food Court. 


At ‘Food halls’ it is almost exclusively about food service. Food retail is fairly limited or not present at all. Food halls can change a big space into a perfect place. People visiting Food halls are people who are enjoying good food & drinks with entertainment in an atmospheric scenery.


From a space to a place
Food halls are often located in old, vacant, characteristic buildings, such as factory buildings or stations. Think of the Foodhallen in Amsterdam, which is located in an old tram depot and Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam, which is located in an old harbor shed far outside the city center. However, this does not always have to be the case. Look for example at DownTown in Eindhoven, a popular Foodhall that can be found right in the heart of the center.


It is often difficult to find a destination for large, historic buildings. This amount of “space” offers the possibility to create one atmospheric whole by placing several food stands and a large bar. Foodhalls are a great solution for municipalities to reduce vacancy, generate traffic and allow an area to flourish. A Foodhall can fill large empty spaces and makes it a great place, where people come to enjoy food & beverages in a casual atmosphere and often live music. The charm of the Foodhall is not only the selected location, but also due to the fact that it is easily accessible for both leisure and business guests. There is an extensive selection for every diet’s desire and preference. The additional relaxed atmosphere that is present in a Foodhall ensures that a group has a wonderful afternoon or evening.


Which kitchen do we choose?
It often happens that selecting a suitable restaurant for a diverse group is difficult. Not everyone is always ip for the same kind of food and flavors. A Foodhall is the perfect solution! Whether you fancy a Pizza, DumSum, Sushi, a Burger or Tacos, a Foodhall has all in one. But not only food is important, the drinks are too! Come and sit at the bar where you can enjoy a good glass of red wine, a fancy G&T or rather a local craft beer. This is also the success of a Foodhall.


In addition, Foodhallen responds to many product trends. The product trends hyper-specialization, sharing, storytelling, craft, local products and plant-based can all be found and tasted at the various food stands. Moreover, the Foodhalls stands are flexibly arranged, so that they can perfectly respond to the needs of the moment. Hyper-specializations come and go and the Foodhalls can respond to this in an amazing way. 


But the most important thing about the Foodhall, in our opinion, is the solidarity that a Foodhall offers. Cozy seating areas where you can enjoy special dishes with your company and have a fantastic evening!


The combination of the right location, an atmospheric scenery, with a distinctive range of food and the link with the hospitality industry, makes the Foodhall a huge success.


Conceptional’s Foodhall top 5 – Europe!

Conceptional is always looking for new hotspots. We love to visit recently opened Foodhalls, where we are surprised by unique locations, the latest trends of Food & Beverage and inspiring design. Below we have highlighted our Foodhall Europe top 5, so that you have plenty to discover during your next city trip!  


1. DownTown – Eindhoven, NL

DownTown in the center of Eindhoven, not far from our office! At the moment there are 21 stands around a large seating area and a bar. There is a relaxed atmosphere. The decoration with the exotic plants and the appearance of the stands makes you feel like you are on holiday. Atmosphere, taste and range is what distinguishes this Foodhall. Be surprised by the magic potatoes, woodfire pizza, sushi and Indonesian dishes. Since the 1st of April, the Carpaccio Chop has also been part of DownTown. Here you will find carpaccios of the best quality meat, fish and vegetables. Yum!


2. Winterville – London, UK

Winterville can be found in Clapham South London. This Foodhall is unique because of the limited opening period (November to Christmas) and the special attractions that turn this Foodhall with a surface of 5000 sqm into a beautiful Winter Wonder Circus. In for a party? Here you can expect live DJs, comedy, musical bingo, itinerant wizards, kid’s raves, Mexican wrestling and a family Christmas exhibition. More fancy skating on the outdoor ice rink, losing yourself in the Christmas maze, club nights in the Roller Disco or playing mini golf on an illuminated neon court? In addition to the sensational dishes and drinks, you can see, there is so much more here.


3. Hötorget Saluhall – Stockholm, SE

At Hötorget Saluhall you can buy delicious dishes and fresh products at 31 food units! Saluhall offers something for everyone. From Turkish burgers to “Skagen toast”. Located in the city center close to a shopping mall and department store, it is a must-see when you visit Sweden and love food. Supply, location and craftsmanship are the strong attractions of this Saluhall.


4. Time Out market – Lissabon, PT

Are you a real Foodie? Do you have taste pupils that don’t lie? Time Out Market is your place to be! All dishes in Time Out Market have been personally tested, tasted and selected by a 4 or 5-star chef and an independent panel of city experts. In this Foodhall there are more than 40 stands ready to surprise you with the special dishes and delicious delicacies. Time Out market is located on the coast at the “Cais do Sodré” station. Are you planning a day at the beach, don’t forget to visit this unforgettable Foodhall! Time Out Market will soon also open in London (2021) and Prague (2022). And spoiler: They just opened in Miami! Great!


5. Reffen – Kopenhagen, DK

Reffen stationed in Copenhagen is one of the largest Foodhall in Scandinavia open from March to December. The concept of Reffen Foodhall is mainly based on the preparation of Street Food in a multinational atmosphere. In addition, entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, culture, intimacy and community is the approach. On 6000 sqm, around 50 different chefs and craftsmen share a passion for food and craftsmanship. The stallholders are all starting entrepreneurs who can research, develop and perfect the skill, quality and concept before they will stand on their own feet after 3 years at Reffen! Part of Reffens vision is to become the first street food market to produce its own organic ingredients.

Visit – Eat – Relax – Enjoy!

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