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11/10/2019 Blog by Conceptional

Food & Fun

Eat & get Eatertained:

The Restaurant culture has changed considerably in recent years. Where the quality of the food and the menu were leading, it is now primarily the experience that attracts consumers: “the entertainment”. The quality of the food still has a major role in the restaurant, people want good food and good service, but this is no longer enough. Consumers wishes has changed to fancying the combination of food & entertainment as a whole.

People want good food in a pleasant environment with friends and family, where they are being taken care of and where they are being entertained, all to briefly escape their busy and hectic life.

From the combination food & entertainment the word Eatertainment has arisen. The word Eatertainment basically needs no explanation: We Eat when we get Entertained! The entertainment during dinner provides an extra dimension to a night out. It is mainly millenials who can appreciate Eatertainment, though other generation can most definitely be tempted as well.


Where did  Eatertainment start?

Eatertainment originated from Japan. The Japanese have been combining food and games for years. While in people Japan are mainly focused on technological games such as in arcades, in Europe consumers are more charmed by and focused on classical games. The Skate cafe in Amsterdam is a great example. They have created a place for guests to immerse themselves in the world of skating, while the restaurant offers delicious dishes in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in which the skater can catch their breath. Another great example is Mooie Boules in Rotterdam, where they combine petanque with fun and food! More technologically advanced games are not completely out of the picture in the Netherlands though, just look at the TonTon club in Amsterdam, an ever busy arcade brand that has already opened 3 locations. This concept takes Eatertainment back to its roots, serving Japanese food while surrounded by old Japanese arcade games.


The preference of the consumer has changed

Nowadays, consumers want more than just food. They want to taste and discover new products & dishes while experiencing the experience of the origin of the taste sensation. It is generally known that health, freshness of products and discovering new flavors is top of mind at the moment. Consumers nowadays demand something unique, something extra. That something extra lies in the entertainment of games, singing waiters & waitresses and a life band etc. Conceptional, however, believes that experiences and impressions like a stunning decoration, beautiful dishes or live cooking are also integral parts of Eatertainment.


Eatertainment has been around for a while.

Eatertainment has been around for years. Then why is it such a happening lately? Conceptional has given Eatertainment a broader understanding by not only considering the addition of the physical games as a part of ti, but also food presentation experience, food senses experience, design experience & service experience. To add these experiences we give it a more visible and common name. At Conceptional, we find adding Eatertainment to your restaurant in whatever form, is an addition, provided, of course, that it is incorporated adequately in the concept. When working together with partners like amusement park De Efteling, Eatertainment has been a key ingredient in designing a new F&B concept (alongside the usual ingredients like location, consumer needs and wants and other trends of course). The theme of the restaurant, the menu and the internal entertainment all play into the guest experience as a whole, with Entertainment lifting the experience to a higher level.


Interesting for the entrepreneur and guests.

A restaurant entrepreneur often has the goal of making money by creating a comfortable and pleasant place for guests where they want to be and can stay. As a consumer you want to go to a place where you feel comfortable enough to be wanting to stay for a while. With Eatertainment you ensure satisfaction for both parties. By creating a place where you combine entertainment and food, guests will stay longer and the entrepreneur creates a higher transaction value. Everybody happy!


 We Eat, we get entertained & we are having fun: Eatertainment.


The different experiences in Eatertainment:

Eatertainment comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. In addition to the classic interpretation, adding games in the restaurant, there are many other forms of entertainment that make a restaurant a “place to be”. Discover the experiences and make your senses go wild:


Food presentation experience – Brunch & Cake – Barcelona

At Brunch & Cake you can enjoy the perfect combination between sweet & savory, healthy & guilty pleasures. The presentation of the dishes and the ambiance in the lunchroom ensure that guests enjoy the perfect brunch in Barcelona! A nice place to seduce all five senses and go on a gastronomical journey!


Other restaurants with a smashing “food presentation experience”: 

Alinea  Chicago

Ultraviolet Shanghai


Food senses experience – Senses – Amsterdam 
Chef Lars Bertelsen specializes in unconventional dishes in culinary craftsmanship. Every dish consists of unexpected combinations and elements. The dishes are crafted from daily fresh and, where possible, sustainable ingredients that make the taste buds run wild.


Other restaurants with a mind blowing “food senses experience”: 

Restaurant Sinne – Amsterdam

Grotta Palezzese – Puglia


Design experience – Restaurant Thomas – Eindhoven
Through the unique interior of Restaurant Thomas, which they have interpreted as a living room, the guests literally look through pink glasses. Be amazed by the beautiful murals and enjoy tasty coffees, the famous cocktails and the most beautiful wines combined with delicious dishes.


Other restaurants with an insane  “design experience”: 

Restaurant Bodon – Amsterdam

Sketch – Londen


Service experience – Pharmacia – Lissabon
Restaurant Pharmacia is located in a former hospital. The name and also the interior is connected to the hospital and completely devoted to the pharmacies of the past. Think of the wine coolers that are made from old measuring cups, the glasses that stand in old pharmacy cupboards and the bill that is brought in a medicine box. You wil be impressed by the look of this unique lunchroom and experience a hospital in a completely different and special way.


Other restaurants with a great “service experience”: 

Dinner in Motion – Eindhoven

Dinner in The Sky – Worldwide

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