F&B Brand & Concept development services

Quick Scan

Using the Quick Scan, we look at the brand promise versus the brand delivery. We analyse your brand awareness both online and offline and look at the GAP between the delivery and the promise. Additionally, we identify the GAP between the brand and your current and future guests. Based on this, we establish a number of quick wins to help you align your promise and delivery.

Brand positioning & strategy

We create brand ambition, the brand identity, what the brand stands for, what values fit the brand and what the brand promise will be. In addition, we look at the future brand positioning and profit pillars. Finally, we establish strategic principles for both the brand and the concept, such as service level, pricing, menu direction and communication.

Brand concept plan

The (brand) concept plan is a detailed plan that includes the following components: vision, concept story, mood boards, spot plan, signage & communication, staff clothing, branding, technical lay-outs and visual renders. The basis for the concept plan is a kick-off brainstorm and starting points from your organisation.

Kitchen & Bar design

Based on the Concept Briefing, menu matrix and capacity calculation, the preliminary kitchen layout design is prepared. During this technical inventory phase, the functional layout with equipment positions and equipment description list is prepared.

Experience design & branding

Concept Development is at the core of who we are as Conceptional. We take your objective, define the brand essence and story and translate this into a true guest experience through branding, graphic design and interior design. A true principled process.  In this we make sure that all elements, alle touchpoints are contributing to this brand essence. This is layered upon a clear functional design were we optimize kitchen and operational set-up, elevate the guest journey and make every inch count. All within the prerequisite of a strong business case and thus efficient capital expenditure plan. We believe that brand need to stay agile and thus make sure that as concept curator we are able to adjust/adapt the concepts, branding and design based on learnings, new trends and competitive challenges. To enable a successful and standardized (international) roll out we define the derived formats, hybrid strategy and subsequent brand, style, design and operational manuals.

Menu development & presentation

We can develop a direction for the future menu, for each part of the menu, from breakfast to dinner. The set-up of an indicative menu matrix includes the following components; Menu direction product category breakfast/lunch/dinner, preparation method / required equipment, method of presentation, method of serving and possible partners or suppliers.

Concept, design & brand manuals

We can prepare different types of manuals for your organisation. concept manual, design manual or a brand manual. The manuals are detailed and easy to use to streamline your organisation and simplify your roll out of the brand/concept.

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