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Roompot Strategy

Overall F&B Concept Strategy and realisation of F&B concepts.

Roompot – The Netherlands
Hospitality & catering Leisure

Roompot is a leading provider of holiday parks in Europe. In total, the group has more than 200 holiday parks in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Spain in its portfolio. Because of the great diversity of holiday parks in terms of location, capacity and target groups, Roompot was looking for an overall F&B Concept Strategy for the parks operated by the company. Conceptional was assigned by Roompot to draw up this F&B Concept Strategy which enables Roompot to make strategic choices in the F&B offer in the field of concepts, hybrid and flexible models, assortment, design, presentation etc. Based on this F&B Concept Strategy, Roompot then asked Conceptional to provide the first translation for the restyling of holiday park Kijkduin and the new park Wijdenes. After finalizing the concepts at Kijkduin and Wijdenes, Roompot asked Conceptional to support the operational implementation and implementation of Kijkduin, Wijdenes as well as park Eksel, Texel and Cochem.

Due to the strong growth of Roompot and the restyling of the current holiday parks, Conceptional continued to support Roompot’s Business Development department in the area of structural processes and procedures as well as the long-term set-up of the department. With the developed Business Development Process, Roompot has a structured roadmap for the development of both new and existing parks from ideation to opening and evaluation.

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