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Roompot Wijdenes

Implementation F&B at Wijdenes

Roompot – The Netherlands
Hospitality & catering Leisure

Roompot is a leading provider of holiday parks in Europe. In total, the group has more than 200 holiday parks in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Spain in its portfolio.

After we were assigned by Roompot to draw up the F&B Concept Strategy with which Roompot can make strategic choices in the F&B offer in the field of concepts, hybrid and flexible models, assortment, design and presentation, Roompot asked Conceptional to do the first translation for the new park Wijdenes.

Together with the Roompot team, we started the roll-out and further development of Roompot’s self-service shop in combination with retail, leisure & entertainment and front office. This concept is perfect for the relatively smaller parks because it is efficiently designed and can be operated by one employee. The employee can fulfill a reception function as well as manage the bicycle rental and the F&B offer.

The range includes fresh bake-off sandwiches, sandwiches, salads and juices & smoothies, but also fills the evening moment for guests in the accommodations with meals and pizzas. Guests can also enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. The self-service shop further offers a small seating area and a large and terrace in a light and modern design.

Conceptional made the translation from concept plan to menu, from menu to functional layout and from functionality to associated equipment with the right flow and routing. Conceptional also supported the entire implementation process leading up to realization.

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