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PIT restaurant Albron

For over a hundred years, caterer Albron is providing tasty and healthy food and beverage products. Albron is particularly active in businesses and governments, schools and universities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, at events and leisure accommodations. Hospitality, tasty, healthy and sustainable food, involvement and trust are central to Albron. Conceptional supported Albron in the repositioning of the foodservice organization in the hospital- and healthcare market. Breaking away from the standard hospital Food & Beverage options, Albron created with Conceptional PIT, a new food concept focussed on healthy and comfort food. PIT is taking care of what and how people eating for recovering. Nowadays, Albron is bringing a healthy choice to hospitals and roll out PIT over the Netherlands.

“Chefs choose for homemade dishes that have a positive influence on health and vitality”

Curious what we can do for you?