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Supporting the Food & Beverage team of Nordsee.

Nordsee – Belgium & Germany
Hospitality & catering

Nordsee operates over 370 restaurants (franchise partners and company owned stores) in Europe, mostly located in populated areas such as city centers, airports and train stations. Nordsee’s knowledge about fish has been passed on from generation to generation, still the most popular fish restaurant brand in Germany.

Since guest behaviour is changing to a more sustainable way of living and need for more convenience, Nordsee is continu updating their menu portfolio and map their product innovation cycle. The most forward thinking approach is the plant based Visch line up supported by Novish, the classic Backfish Baguette, Fish & Chips and spicy tuna baguette turned into plant-based products. This is just one part of the menu architecture, in support of developing new menu items, testing & tasting, innovation & menu calendar and implementation.

The fresh fish pilot started due to change of consumer behaviour in time & convenience, Nordsee fresh fish part is the most original of its value proposition. Therefore, we developed & designed a three level concept approach in selected pilot stores for testing. Mealkits, Ready made meals and Meeressnackbrett to serve guests at home in a new wave fish concept. The outcomes of the pilot is the basis for further development and roll-out into the stores.

The two work streams are part of ongoing partnership in which Conceptional support the Food & Beverage team of Nordsee.

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