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Nordsee's new concept aims to appeal to the millennials.

Nordsee – Belgium & Germany
Hospitality & catering

NORDSEE operates over 370 restaurants (franchise partners and company owned stores) in Europe, mostly located in populated areas such as city centers, airports and train stations. NORDSEE’s knowledge about fish has been passed on from generation to generation. Together with the NORDSEE team Conceptional developed Go!Fish, the rebellious younger sister of NORDSEE. With a focus on adventurous young generations, this fish concept promises to sell Funky Fast Fish to the rebelling youth (and to the rest of us luckily). With a menu that has been divided into more healthy Holy items and more indulgent Rebel items, Go!Fish opens up the possibility for all types of Millennials and Gen-Z’ers to come and enjoy the concept. Go!Fish plays into that feeling of adventure and freedom that is characteristic for coastal life. With its humorous tone-of-voice and its accessible and adventurous appearance, Go!Fish connects with younger generations, which is strengthened by it’s nostalgic though modern interior. You can find the first Go!Fish at Wijnegem City Center at about half an hour of driving from Antwerp.

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