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A unique (insight driven) platform with 24/7 F&B services.

Facilicom – The Netherlands
Hospitality & catering

At the request of Facilicom, Conceptional was asked to define a vision and strategy for the re-entry of Facilicom into the catering market. The aim was to create a new, future-proof proposition for the Benelux catering market. Conceptional elaborated the business plan on the basis of the vision and strategies. It also supported the creation and structuring of the organisation, as well as the complete brand and concept development of the various catering functions. This led to the launch of the FOOD&I concept.

The following brand promise was defined: “FOOD&I is a unique (insight driven) platform with 24/7 F&B services to meet the food needs of the end user. It leaves a positive impact on the person and the environment in a transparent, personal and smart way.
FOOD&I is about the relationship with food. As an individual, as a client or as a partner. FOOD&I is genuinely interested in YOU, your goals, who you are, your motives, well-being and connection with food. Through smart learning technology we can focus on what you really want and when you want it. Resulting in a smaller, more focused, more affordable and higher quality range where food is the hero again and it’s designed to make a positive impact.”

The concept is not just about providing food and beverages at the workplace but focuses on a platform-driven solution for employees, including services such as grocery shopping that takes care of the overall wellbeing in terms of all-day food needs.

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