F&B Brand & Concept Development


A Quick Scan for the brand Exki within the Dutch Market.

Exki – The Netherlands
Hospitality & catering

At Exki they reconcile fast convenience with natural food. More than 20 years already (10 in the Dutch market), they advocate for a healthy and sustainable cuisine that is good for your health but also for the planet. Exki is an established and successful brand in Europe but still sees opportunities for potential growth for the brand in the Dutch market.

The main objective of the project was to conduct a quick scan for the Exki brand in the Dutch market with a specific inzoom on the Amsterdam CS location. To get a better understanding of the current location and the brand a site visit was conducted. After the site visit a brief orientation & market analysis followed to understand the positioning of Exki in Amsterdam and in the Dutch market as a whole. To really co-create on the project workshops were conducted for the project to get all the relevant input needed to get to a clear solution.   

This has been captured into detailed concept quick scan presentation. In the presentation we touched upon branding, signage & wayfinding, flow & routing, product & counter presentation, and menu & pricing. Next to this initial thoughts were given on branding and brand positioning in the Dutch market.

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