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Support in the development of various Food & Beverage plans and concepts.

Efteling – The Netherlands

De Efteling is a landmark of storytelling and a theme park to amaze you with a world of make-believe and myth. Every year, approximately 5 millions guests enter the gates of De Efteling world. De Efteling is a landmark of storytelling and theme park full of wondrous elements.  It’s
all about the customer´s journey -
from families to groups experiencing enchanting moments together. Whether you just want to have a drink or a bite, in the park you will find everything from fast food takeaways to medieval diners and tasty pancakes. Conceptional supported de Efteling with their Food & Beverage plans and concepts. The purpose of this Masterplan is to continue to execute a clearly defined concept plan, attractive, innovative and rewarding F&B offer within the Efteling. The concepts that were developed: Polle’s keuken pancake restaurant, Het Wapen van Ravelijn restaurant, Steenbok and Casa Caracol.

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