F&B Placemaking


F&B Vision and F&B masterplan

Falcon AM – Dublin
Shopping Experience

Blanchardstown is one of the largest shopping malls in Ireland with about 17 million visitors per year. In. 2017, Conceptional developed the F&B Vision for the area as well as the F&B Masterplan derived from it. This positioning distinguishes Blanchardstown from competing centres as well as connecting with the target group as well as local residents.

After the slow opening of the market as a consequence of the COVID-lockdown Conceptional updated the F&B Vision as well as a new F&B Masterplan for the planned expansion. The new plan includes a further elaboration of the community concept, with space for local heroes, a local foodhall, entertainment and international bests. The plan for a community kitchen has also been further elaborated, so that less commercially usable square metres have been given a better purpose. In addition, Blanchardstown is able to increase the relevance of the space and therefore the connection with local residents and surrounding businesses.

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