F&B Placemaking

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet

Optimising the capacity and mix of concepts.

Batavia Stad – The Netherlands
Shopping Experience

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet has an eclectic mix of premium and luxury brands. With a total of 150 shops and over 250 fashion and lifestyle brands, it is the first Fashion Outlet in the Netherlands. In Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet there is a wide range of cafés and restaurants, from La Place to Fashion Café. The Food & Beverage offer is divided over the scheme between 10 different locations where guests can relax and enjoy a culinary moment. The centre is continuously evolving, and since expansion plans of the greater area have been discussed, Batavia Stad is exploring their opportunities for future growth. Conceptional supported VIA outlets to get insights on the Food & Beverage feasibility study and overlooked the future strategy for upcoming F&B activities. Food & Beverage plays an important role in the overall customer journey and is a driver for increased dwell time. It is, therefore, crucial to balance the type of products & services. As a base model for F&B placemaking, we first analysed their F&B offering to optimise the mix of concepts and capacities. Secondly, we provided recommendations and inputs on the total space planning to select preferred F&B partners.

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