F&B Placemaking

Alexandrium Shopping Center

F&B Masterplan for the Alexandrium Shopping Centre.

Klepierre – The Netherlands
Shopping Experience

Klepierre is an important player in Europe’s continental retail real estate market and owns shopping centers in 57 cities and 16 countries. Klepierre has asked Conceptional to develop an F&B masterplan for the Alexandrium Shopping Center. The developed vision and strategy: It’s about Taste, revolves around accessibility, taste and experience. This is in line with their positioning to be the ‘most fashionable shoppingcenter’ in the Netherlands. Within the concept It’s about Taste, there are six different zones: Style & Tasty, Fun & Tasty, Chill & Tasty, Sweet & Tasty, Fast & Tasty and Fresh & Tasty. This results in a suitable spot for every mood and every moment of the day.

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