F&B Brand & Concept Development


A creative and conceptual translating of the concept.

Rotterdam Ahoy – The Netherlands
Fairs & Congresses

Rotterdam Ahoy is a world-class venue offering multiple different events per year. The restaurant RiVers forms an important dining moment for up to 1 million guests per year, ranging from partygoers to business speakers. Due to the globalization of Ahoy Rotterdam, events such as North Sea Jazz and guests are asking for a redevelopment of the food court.

The main objective of the project was to maintain RiVers’ speed, seduce the guest, create visual representativeness with the other F&B venues, respond to the requested flexibility and finally be accessible to everyone while remaining interesting. First we conducted an extensive analysis containing market analysis, target group analysis, financial analysis, interviews, and a site visit. Based on the results of the analysis we created the creative and conceptual translation of the concept, which consisted of interior and kitchen design with an appropriate logo. Next to this we have developed a new flow through the restaurant and an on trend menu with improved speed, attractiveness, and product presentation.

This has been captured into a detailed analysis, concept plan, and preliminary design presentation. Next to this the preliminary design was delivered containing a spot plan for the concept with indicative list of kitchen equipment, signage & communication matrix, and preliminary design and branding.

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