About Conceptional

We create F&B concepts and places that understand and surprise you and your guests.

Meet the team.

Our team has years of experience in developing national & international hospitality concepts and brands, working at various locations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Reoewein Niesten

Founder & CEO

Thinker, passionate, bridge builder, negotiator, international networker

Fred van Aken

Managing Partner

Entrepreneurial, analytical, conceptual thinker, realistic positivo, team-builder, committed

Dirk van den Wijngaard

Creative Director

Open-minded, eager to learn, no-nonsense, go-getter, commercial

Jeanne Dinkgreve

Senior Concept Developer

Enthousiast, analytisch, open, gedreven, samenhang creëren, positief kritisch.

Edwin Spruijt

Senior Concept Developer

Connecting, Commercial, Entrepreneurial, Result oriented, Independent, Analytical & Punctual

Stefano Zese

Senior Concept Developer

Curious, Critical, Commercial, energetic, Creative, Happy

Cynthia de With

Medior Concept Developer

Result-oriented, optimistic, enthusiastic, structured, creative

Wessel Driessen

Medior Concept Developer

Analytical, Creative, Driven, Positive and Eager to Learn

Merel van der Meij

Associate Concept Developer

Caring, Enthusiastic, Teammate, Passionate, Perseverance

Carole Lionet

Associate Concept Developer

Creative, empathetic and enthusiastic

Hidde Verschuren

Associate Concept Developer

Creative, welcoming, enthusiastic and always up for new challenges.

Ronald Groen

Senior kitchen specialist

International thinking, hands-on, active participant, results-oriented

Creative Minds in F&B Strategy and Solutions


analyse. amaze. enjoy.

Conceptional develops, optimises and guides Food & Beverage concepts from analysis to implementation for more than 150 projects. To develop a good Food & Beverage concept or area we work with both the head and the heart. The head gives us the analysis, the logic, the practical thinking, the process management. The understanding. At the same time, the heart gives us creativity, taste, feeling, empathy, the inexplicable, the human factor. The surprise. We want to understand and surprise you and your guests. We help you to develop F&B concepts, formulas and F&B spaces that more than justify the investment.

Involved from analysis through implementation

Years of experience in the international foodservice market.

We speak the language of the operator

The right balance between creative and commercial

We have a clear view on the latest trends & developments.

Always a committed partner

Curious what we can do for you?